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Opening and Welcome



Jan-Joost Bouwman (ING) - ITIL and DevOps can be friends [Slides]

ING is a worldwide financial institution, based in the Netherlands. The IT department of the Netherlands manages a mix of off the shelf applications and in house built software. Traditionally development was governed by CMMi and IT Servicemanagement by ITIL processes. Three years ago the developers started working in Agile/Scrum teams, dropping CMMi. The next step was to involve Operations as well and transform to an DevOps organisation, striving for Continuous Delivery.

In a lot of Agile organisations ITIL is considered the evil soul sucking epiphany of bureaucracy. But is it really? If we look at the tasks you perform in the ITIL processes Incident management, Problem management and Change management, you will find that a lot of those you still need to perform in an Agile/Scrum way of work. And that there actually is a lot of value in making some rules on how we want to interact in these processes between teams. But we may call the task differently than we were used to in ITIL. And we may choose to use different tools to handle parts of the process. We call this adaptation of ITIL Agile ITSM.

This talk focuses on the adaptations we have made to our ITSM processes to accommodate the requirements of an Agile/Scrum way of work. Proving that there is still value in a lot of the things we used to do in ITIL And that there is no real conflict between Agile and ITIL.

About the speaker

Jan-Joost stumbled into IT almost 20 years ago, starting on a temp job for 5 days that lasted 7 years. During those years he has been mostly on the functional/process side of things, having worked as tester, designer, information analyst, project manager, application manager, change manager and currently as process owner the ITIL change management process at ING.

He is also the self appointed DevOps evangelist and community leader there, trying to help his co-workers to make the transition to DevOps and Continuous Delivery and have fun with it at the same time!

In his spare time he enjoys travelling the world to watch birds, or cooking, but rarely at the same time.


Technical Session 1 (Chair: Danilo Ardagna)

  • Damian Andrew Tamburri, Elisabetta Di Nitto, Michele Guerriero, Pooyan Jamshidi and Ilias Spais - A Software Architecture Framework for Quality-Aware DevOps [Slides] [Paper]

  • Stephen Jones, Joost Noppen and Fiona Lettice - Management Challenges for DevOps Adoption within UK SMEs [Slides] [Paper]


Coffee Break


Technical Session 2 (Chair: Andre van Hoorn)

  • Yonit Magid, Rachel Tzoref-Brill and Marcel Zalmanovici - Coverage-Based Metrics for Cloud Adaptation [Slides] [Paper]

  • Craig Sheridan, Darren Whigham and Matej Artac - DICE Fault Injection Tool [Slides] [Paper]

  • Matej Artac, Tadej Borovšak, Elisabetta Di Nitto, Michele Guerriero and Damian Andrew Tamburri - Model-Driven Continuous Deployment for Quality DevOps [Slides] [Paper]

  • Johannes Kroß, Felix Willnecker, Thomas Zwickl and Helmut Krcmar - PET: Continuous Performance Evaluation Tool [Slides] [Paper]


Lunch Break


Technical Session 3 (Chair: Felix Willnecker)

  • Devidas Gawali and Varsha Apte - The M3 (Measure-Measure-Model) Tool-chain for Performance Prediction of Multi-tier Applications [Slides] [Paper]

  • Simona Bernardi, José Ignacio Requeno, Christophe Joubert and Alberto Romeu - A systematic approach for performance evaluation using process mining: the POSIDONIA Operations case study [Slides] [Paper]

  • Jürgen Cito, Genc Mazlami and Philipp Leitner - TemPerf: Temporal Correlation between Performance Metrics and Source Code [Slides] [Paper]

  • Marcello M. Bersani, Madalina Erascu, Francesco Marconi and Matteo Rossi - A Tool for Verification of Big-Data Applications [Slides] [Paper]


Coffee Break


Technical Session 4 (Chair: Giuliano Casale)



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